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A Better Alternative Than Careerminds

OutplacementPro is a division of Prositions that helps companies navigate layoffs.
Here's why our outplacement services are better.

Individual Attention

Unlike many of our competitors, we get to know your people by name, not by number. Here, we believe in a people-first model and have developed an individualized approach that can be custom-tailored to the needs of each candidate. 

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Free Knowledge Center

We offer a comprehensive Knowledge Center of 7,000+ courses, videos, and webinars in over 25 topic areas to help your candidate up-skill or re-skill and assist in preparing them for their next opportunity. This unique feature is offered with all of our packages at no additional cost!

Placement Guaranteed

We promise to work with your candidate until they find their next position! There is no limit on hours or extra costs. One investment will get your candidates their desired career results, guaranteed!

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Download Our Free Communication Guide

Download our free communication guide to help you navigate the do's and don'ts of terminations and layoffs, and learn more about our approach, pricing, and the benefits of using OutplacementPro as an alternative to Careerminds, including how we take better care of you and your people.

Learn More & Get the Guide

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For me, OutplacementPro was an invaluable resource for resume writing and critique, interviewing workshops, and general job seeker motivation and peer support. I believe I was able to quickly secure interviews and in turn, employment, as a direct result of the superior services they offered.

Adrienne L., Technical Engineer

Contact Us: call 877-244-8848

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