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How to Conduct an Employee Termination

At OutplacementPro, we've developed a strategy to make the transition as smooth as possible for organizations and transitioning employees. Below, you will find a separation guide and checklist complete with key preparation notes, considerations for how to deliver the news, and more. Even if you don't need it now, you'll never regret being prepared.

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Employee Separation Guide and Checklist

A guide and checklist designed to assist you through the employee separation process and ensure compliance with HR policies and legal standards. While applicable to many scenarios, certain cases, such as those involving unionized workers or specific state and local laws and regulations, may require further specific attention and action.

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We know how to support you and your organization during this time of change.

Outplacement is a service that employers provide to people who are affected by a reduction in force, a layoff, downsizing, or even for performance-related terminations. 


Transitioning employees receive individual help and advice from career coaches to assist with job search, networking, interviewing, and negotiation skills.


Being able to tell terminated employees that they are receiving this support makes it so much easier for you to deliver the difficult news. 


If you’d like to learn more about our affordable outplacement packages, call us at 877-244-8848.

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