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The Compassionate Leader

*Now available in micro and nanolearning formats.

NEW: The Compassionate Leader with Toni McLelland

Join Toni McLelland, an organizational development expert and recognized Top Voice in this area by LinkedIn. Toni introduces her groundbreaking series on compassionate leadership, drawing from her own journey over the years working with companies, Board members, C-suite executives, and governments around the globe. She presents an innovative program designed to empower leaders and organizations to embrace compassion as a fundamental driver of success. Whether it's used to complement existing leadership programs, embed change, or as a standalone resource, this course is a valuable tool to support individual leaders to thrive and achieve their goals while assisting organizations to develop practices to future-proof in today's dynamic and ever-changing world.

About Toni McLelland

Toni McLelland is a critical friend and business mentor specializing in Organizational Change, DEIB, and Compassion. A champion of social and public interest causes, she has over 30 years of experience working with companies, board members, C-suite executives, and governments around the globe. LinkedIn has recognized Toni as a Top Voice for Organizational Development and Mentoring, and she has been described as "fairy dust personified" as she leaves a sprinkling wherever she goes. 


Toni recently partnered with Prositions for the microlearning series “The Compassionate Leader” and the "Compassion in Action" LinkedIn Live, both of which are valuable tools designed to support individuals and organizations in achieving their goals and thrive in today's dynamic world.

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