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Presence, Distilled

Now available in a microlearning format.

Presence, Distilled: How to Improve Your Professional Image with Catie Glynn

Join Catherine Glynn, a sought-after speaker, author, and Harvard Business School instructor, as she leverages two decades of performing and executive coaching to help unleash your professional presence. In this series, Catie will teach you how to master the art of commanding an audience while aligning your intentions with your authentic voice. Whether engaging with clients, motivating teams, or cultivating a distinct personal brand, her expert tips will enhance your confidence, poise, and overall professional image.

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About Catherine "Catie" Glynn

Catherine "Catie" Glynn, an in-demand speaker, author of several best-selling books, and professional presence coach, seamlessly combines the best practices of her two decades of business ownership and executive coaching experience with the skills she acquired while earning her two MFA’s (from UT-Austin & The University of Delaware’s PTTP) and participating in hundreds of live theatre, film, and commercial productions.

Utilizing her well-honed and unique performance-based techniques, Catie assists leaders in a variety of industries worldwide in developing their ability to command and connect with their audiences. Whether in person or online, Catie takes great pleasure in coaching and ensuring each learning environment is safe and inviting.

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