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Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of De-escalation

Now available in a microlearning format.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of De-escalation with Jim Sporleder

Dealing with difficult people has always been a challenge in the workplace, especially when dealing with customers and clients. This new video will help you understand the basic principles and techniques of how to handle difficult people and situations. Today, more than ever, when stress and tensions may be at an all-time high, employees need to know how to de-escalate a tense situation so that they don’t progress to more serious types of reactions. It starts with trying to understand where the angry or upset person is coming from and then using the basic techniques of empathy, patience, mirroring, and poise to guide the communication to a more reasonable and manageable level.

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About James “Jim” Sporleder

James “Jim” Sporleder has more than 30 years of experience in the security industry and has a unique background in captivity survival. He has worked in the private sector for more than 18 years, helping companies and organizations prepare for and respond to issues such as workplace violence, intimate partner violence, and extreme violence events, such as active shooter and hostage-barricade situations.

He is an active member of ASIS International, The Society for Human Resource Management, and the National Anger Management Association, where he’s credentialed in Behavioral Crisis Intervention and Anger Management.

Jim’s latest work and courses address specific techniques managers and frontline employees can use to de-escalate tense situations where other team members or customers are angry or frustrated with various situations. He's also partnered with Prositions for webinars and microlearning series such as “Getting Real About Workplace Violence" and "Dealing with Difficult People and Situations: Principles of De-escalation."

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