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How to Terminate Someone with Poise

Now available in micro and nanolearning formats.

How to Terminate Someone with Poise with Craig Robbins

This “how to” video series hosted by Craig Robbins, a seasoned leadership coach and career expert, offers a comprehensive guide on handling one of the most challenging situations in any professional setting: employee terminations. Throughout the series, Craig covers the nuances of preparing for, conducting, and concluding termination meetings with dignity and clarity. Viewers will learn how to thoroughly plan the logistics and communications of a termination, manage the day-of meetings with confidence, and effectively address small and large groups. This series is an essential resource for anyone looking to handle terminations with care, respect, and poise.

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About Craig Robbins

Craig Robbins is the CEO at MilitaryHire, a company that provides HR and recruiting services for employers hiring military service members and veterans. He served as the Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Prositions, Inc. where he led global HR consulting and career transition services. He is the author of the best-selling courses Advancing Your Career and upcoming course How to Terminate Someone, available in both microlearning and nanolearning formats. Craig has spent more than 15 years designing and leading a variety of other talent management functions across a wide range of industries.

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Download Free Additional Materials

Click below to download 3 free printable termination guides with several tips and best practices to assist you during the termination process. You can also access a free 25% off coupon for your first outplacement candidate with our sister company, OutplacementPro.

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