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OutplacementPro Announces New AI and Upskilling Features

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OutplacementPro, a division of Prositions, Inc. and a rapidly growing talent transformation firm, announced the addition of new features and enhancements to its award-winning approach to outplacement services. These features include new career coaching and placement capabilities that securely and safely use the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the addition of a robust Knowledge Center with over 7,000 learning modules for candidates to upskill, retrain, or certify for new skills in high-demand areas.


OutplacementPro was recently recognized by Manage HR Magazine as one of the top outplacement services companies in the industry. In 2024, OutplacementPro will be adding several new features that will enhance a candidate’s ability to quickly find and land the job opportunities they desire.


“We are excited to introduce our clients and candidates to our unique Knowledge Center,” said Robin Salsberry, President of OutplacementPro. “Because our parent company, Prositions, is one of the top learning content companies, we are now offering our candidates unlimited access to over 7,000 modules and courses that can help them upskill or reskill for more high-paying and in-demand jobs. With courses covering Artificial Intelligence, the latest Microsoft and Google applications, Project Management Certifications, and more, our candidates can upskill or train for the latest job requirements employers are demanding today.”


OutplacementPro combines these new features with highly qualified, dedicated, and caring career coaches. This combination of high-tech and high touch provides an unparalleled solution for candidates seeking placement in today’s uncertain job market.


“While we have some of the most advanced technologies and learning content in the market, our mission has always been and will remain to provide tailored and customized solutions with the thoughtful support of seasoned career professionals who personally understand the impact and trauma of being laid off or downsized,” said Jill Dillenburg, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about AI. Our Career Coaches know how to help candidates separate the facts from the hype so they can leverage the most effective tools and resources.”


To find out more about OutplacementPro’s unique services and capabilities and to receive a free Outplacement Planning Guide, click here.

About OutplacementPro:

OutplacementPro is an award-winning division of Prositions, Inc. that utilizes the latest job search and placement technologies coupled with an experienced team of career experts to help quickly place candidates in suitable positions. Using a proven methodology that delivers industry-leading results, OutplacementPro is changing the way organizations are helping employees during difficult layoffs and terminations. For more information, visit


About Prositions:

Prositions, Inc. is a leading provider of learning content and performance support libraries, offering a wide range of consulting, software, and training delivery solutions. Their award-winning learning platform, DashTrain, contains over 7,000 microlearning and nanolearning modules, giving users instant access to top business libraries and best-selling authors anywhere and anytime. For information, visit

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This is a game-changer; if you want a smooth transition in your career, why not take advantage of one of the largest microlearning & nanolearning libraries. If you're changing careers, or even upskilling on your current path, there's no better place to start than Prositions/OutplacementPro's Knowledge Center - powered by DashTrainGo - I'm DTG (down to go ;)!

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