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4 Video Creation Tips for 2024

It's a new year and a new quarter, which means organizations will be getting ready to create and roll out new training content. Below are our top video creation tips for the first quarter of 2024 to help your organization get started on your own video creation journey.

1. Use Affordable Editing Software

Look for affordable (and oftentimes free!) editing software like:

  • VN for easy editing

  • Loom for screen capture and video recording

  • Canva for B roll clips or design - doesn’t require prior experience!

Person editing videos on a laptop and monitor screen.

2. Find Examples

Find examples of training videos that you like on Vimeo, YouTube, or any of the programs mentioned - they all have high-quality video tutorials.

3. Don’t use up too much space on your computer!

Upload your videos on Google Drive (Workspace accounts now come with up to 1TB of storage for every user), or Vimeo is another great database that’s user-friendly and designed for budget-conscious consumers or people in small-to-midsize organizations and departments.

Person typing on a computer and smiling.

4. Ask for Assistance if You Need It

Finally, if you need help or a partner to assist with bigger projects or just to dream big, contact our friends at EZPZ Videos!

For more insider tips and information on the latest training videos, check out our latest DashTrain newsletter or view the first video from our EZPZ Videos course How to Make a Training Video.

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