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Prositions Offers Free Webinar on How to Improve Your Professional Image

Presence, Distilled: How to Improve Your Professional Image. Prositions (logo). With Featured Speaker: Catie Glynn. February 21, 2024. 10AM CST | 11AM EST. SHRM Provider (image). HRCI Provider (Image).

On February 21st from 10:00 am – 11:00 am CST, Prositions, Inc. is offering a complimentary webinar with Catherine “Catie” Glynn, an in-demand speaker, best-selling author, and professional presence coach, titled “Presence, Distilled: How to Improve Your Professional Image.” In the webinar, Catie will share her insights, tips, and techniques about how to improve your image and communication skills.


“Anyone can improve their image and professional presence with a few basic techniques that the best actors and executives employ to move their audiences,” said Catie Glynn. “As you practice these techniques for yourself, you’ll begin to see how you can make a lasting impression on those around you in your own professional life."


In this highly informative webinar, participants will learn:


• How to use controlled breathing to reduce anxiety and remain calm.

• How to improve posture and gestures to convey power and competence.

• How to identify and eliminate distracting filler words, phrases, and mannerisms.

• And more!


“Whether you’re meeting with a potential client, motivating a team, or unleashing a uniquely personal brand, the way you present yourself is critical, so we’ve designed this webinar for leaders, team members, salespeople, executives, or anyone who wants to enhance their professional image and presence,” said Frank Russell, CEO of Prositions. “The content of the webinar is based on Catie Glynn’s new microlearning course, Presence, Distilled: How to Improve Your Professional Image, which is being released at the same time.”



To learn more about Catie Glynn’s upcoming course with Prositions, connect with a Prositions team member here or call 877- 244-8848.

About Catherine “Catie” Glynn:

Catherine (Catie) Glynn, an in-demand speaker, author of several best-selling books, and professional presence coach, seamlessly combines the best practices of her two decades of business ownership and executive coaching experience with the skills she acquired while earning her two MFA’s (from UT-Austin & The University of Delaware’s PTTP) and participating in hundreds of live theatre, film, and commercial productions.


Utilizing her well-honed and unique performance-based techniques, Catie assists leaders in a variety of industries worldwide in developing their ability to command and connect with their audiences. Whether in person or online, Catie takes great pleasure in coaching and ensuring each learning environment is safe and inviting.

About Prositions: 

Prositions, Inc. is a leading provider of learning content and performance support libraries, offering a wide range of consulting, software, performance coaching, and training delivery solutions. Their award-winning learning platform, DashTrain, contains over 7,000 microlearning and nanolearning modules, giving users instant access to top business libraries and best-selling authors anywhere and anytime. For information, visit

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